Lawn Mower Garage Introduction

My neighbor wanted to get a new mower or trimmer and start mowing her own lawn. The kids in the neighborhood must have gone to Harvard Business school. Since they all want at least $20 per mow with a one year contract.

Needless to say we live on small lots with small yards and small garages too. So we needed to figure out where to store her new lawn equipment. The only logical place would be outside, but we get lots of rain and most things around here rust in a few year. That gave me an ideal to make a small lawn mower garage.

This will house a small push mower and bag, trimmer and attachments and a gas can. The idea was to make it small enough to only house the lawn equipment (that will keep other things out).

Lawn Mower Garage
Lawn Mower Garage

This is the Google Sketchup file Click Here.

This is the Google Sketchup file with labelsĀ  Click Here.

The size that I built is 6ft 6in by 3 ft. This is enough room for the all the lawn care items that I needed to store. And it saves the space in theĀ  garage.

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